Aircon Bills

Air Conditioning Tips To Lower Your Bills

Cooling a home during summer is important, but that does mean paying more on your power bills. Hot weather is here to stay, and it does not care whether you have the money or not. Luckily, there are several strategies you can use to cut down your air conditioning bills. RNR air conditioning helped us compile a few tips. For more AC advice, get in contact with them.

Quit working alone

A ceiling fan and air conditioner should be a team. Using them together will increase the temperature in the air conditioner by at least 5 degrees. As a result, your cooling costs will reduce. However, ensure that the fan moves clockwise to push down the cold air.

Stop cooling the neighbours

Sneaky cracks, worn window seals and doors can make cool air to seep outside or to your neighbours. If you are not sure of such a situation, you can sign up for an energy audit from a company that offers air conditioning services. The experts will check whether there are leaks in your home and give suggestions. You can go outside your house and feel the air coming out of the doors and windows. If there is leakage, put some insulation around the leaky windows and doors.

Set a high temperature

Setting your thermostat at low temperature is a no-no. Instead, set it high to save on power bills. Making a slight adjustment will save you money in both the long and short run. For instance, you can set a high temperature of 10-15 degrees, and you can save about 10% on cooling bills every year. According to research, you should set your thermostat temperature at 26 degrees Celcius when at home.

Upgrade the thermostat

Nest, Ecobee or Lyric are some of the smart thermostats you can use for an upgrade. These thermostats will help to control cooling and heating when you are away. You can use mobile apps to change the settings of a thermostat. Placing the thermostat on a base wall such as near a hot door, the air cooler will use more energy than it should. This is because thermostats have “brains” just like us.

The cooler will think the entire room is as hot as the area it is. You can install a thermostat that is programmable, and you will decrease your bills. Set the degrees a little warmer when no one is at home or during the night. Doing so can save you at least the 10% on your utility bills for each degree – if you raise thermostat above 26.

Shut all blinds

If your window or door allows the hot sun to penetrate inside your home, it will heat up the thermostat. Therefore, ensure all windows and doors are closed to keep out the hot sun. Besides, covering the blinds will also insulate the windows; hence cool air will not escape.

In summary, running air coolers can make power bills shoot up. Luckily, you can use these tips to stay cool and spend less. Just ensure nothing blocks the cooler’s vents to avoid the device from cooling the wrong objects.