HVAC Contractors

Spotting A Bad Air Conditioning Contractor

Are you in urgent need of an HVAC contractor to install a new air conditioning system in your house or renovate the existing unit? Keep in mind that skipping the research step would cost you a lot later. While there are reputable experts in Perth, some contractors may take your money and never come back. That’s why it’s essential to watch out for the following signs to avoid hiring a lousy service.

Only Require Cash

One of the most apparent signs of fraudsters is the cash-only requirements. The option to pay by credit card or check would be a better option to avoid any problems. Without supporting documents, you are likely to waste your money for a scam.

High Down Payment

A down payment is necessary for hiring workers and preparing equipment for a new installation of air conditioning system. On average, an HVAC should require about 50% of the payment before starting a project. If any professionals ask for more than this rate, you should be careful.

No Insurance and License

Even when you are rushing, it’s still better to check their insurance and license documents, which are compulsory in most states. Preferably insurances and license information should be specified on vehicles, business cards and proposals. This will prevent any situations with damages or accidents to your property.

So Many Subcontractors

Every contractor does need to outsource some specialty work, but so many subcontractors coming to your house can be a warning sign. You can’t be sure if they are fully licensed or check for their background.

Lack of References

If the HVAC contractor doesn’t give you references, chances are something might go wrong. Even when they claim to be just starting the business, it is advisable to go for one with more experience and expertise because installing a new HVAC system can be a significant investment.

If you are starting your research, consider working backwards. This means you should ask your family or friends who they want to recommend. The best references are undoubtedly the word-of-mouth referrals. Online sites are also a good option, though these aren’t always 100% reliable.

No Backup

Any professional HVAC contractor you choose to work on an AC or heating system should provide a physical address so that you can track them down when something goes wrong. Similarly, they should also provide the proof of skills such as professional certifications, official members of any associations, and warranties on equipment and work – which must be years rather than months to make sure that you can get what you paid for.

Zero Permits

Be careful with an HVAC contractor who claims that it isn’t necessary to have a permit for installing a new air conditioning system. Nearly all cities and states in Australia require every HVAC contractor to get permits and insurance before starting their businesses.

No Written Contract

A written and detailed contract is essential to ensure that you get the expected service. Make sure that the agreement includes the deadlines, materials used and cost estimates.